24 November 2015

Overview of Copper Pillar Technology

Copper pillar is rapidly replacing solder and stud bumping as the default chip-to-connection (1st level) for fine pitch flip chip devices. As this packaging technology propagates throughout the supply chain, it is important to understand the drivers, benefits, and limitations of copper pillar.


This presentation will discuss current industry trends and processes used for creating copper pillar and bonding to substrates. Attendees will learn how different supply chains have implemented copper pillar, including differences in dimensions, geometry, and under 'pillar' material (UPM). Current understanding of electromigration and thermal cycle performance will be addressed, especially in regards to uncertainties about the benefit of underfill and the relevance of existing acceleration factors.




Overview of Copper Pillar Technology


Craig Hillman



Thursday the 10th of  December 2015

5:00 PM - 6.30 PM CEST

8:00 PM - 9.30 PM CEST