15 February 2023


PADS Classic to PADS Professional Migration




The PADS Professional installation contains a translator that allows you to migrate a PADS Classic design that uses PADS Logic schematic and a PADS PCB Layout.  The translator will migrate both your schematic and layout into PADS Professional as well as creating a new partition to your central library to accommodate the parts from the schematic and layout.


This webcast will go over the process of migrating a PADS Standard design using a PADS Logic design and PADS Layout into PADS Professional.


What You Will Learn:

  • Advantages of  PADS Pro Designer
  • Advantages of PADS Pro Layout
  • PADS Professional Tools to Enable Your Success
  • How to launch the PADS Pro Translator
  • How to specify additional libraries to translate
  • How to change the settings in the translator
  • Reviewing warnings, errors, and notes

Who Should Attend:

  • PCB Designers
  • Librarians

Products Covered:

  • PADS Professional





Customer Technical Webcast: PADS Classic to PADS Professional Migration



Wednesday the 15th of February 2023




18:00 CET