29 November 2022


Perfecting Your PCB with DFM Analysis




Historically, design-for-manufacturability (DFM) checks have taken place during the fabrication process and have typically been performed by PCB manufacturing engineers or fab houses utilizing DFM-specific analysis software. The typical PCB designer would only run their own built-in pre-fabrication DRC and integrity checks prior to sending out for manufacturing and wait to hear back from the fabricator if issues were encountered.


Today, DFM analysis allows you to identify and correct potential fabrication and assembly issues in the design database before they hit the production floor. Without DFM, you leave changes in the manufacturer’s hands, where the focus is on increasing yield, not on the electrical performance of the final product.


In this webinar, we’ll show you how PADS Professional can empower you to eliminate costly manufacturing delays by minimizing supplier “call-backs” and design re-spins.


What You Will Learn

  • Common DFM issues that cause delays in fabrication
  • Common DFA issues that cause delays in assembly
  • Panelization using PADS Professional's FabLink
  • Producing an output file: ODB++ vs. Gerber
  • Proper data to include in design for fabrication and assembly


Who Should Attend

  • Engineering managers
  • Electrical and hardware engineers
  • PCB designers

Products Covered





Web Seminar: Perfecting Your PCB with DFM Analysis



Tuesday the 29th of November 2022






10:00 CET