29 February 2024

Polarion Cybersecurity Day



Secure & protect your products from design to end-of-life



With the addition of each software component and the discovery of every new vulnerability, the level of security risk escalates. When multiplied by the multitude of products and devices being released and the growing pressure to meet aggressive time-to-market deadlines, the result is an overwhelming state of chaos.


Utilizing tools like Polarion can streamline the process, providing a centralized platform for managing product security, tracking vulnerabilities, and implementing timely updates, thus enabling teams to navigate these challenges more effectively.


Join us for sessions covering crucial topics in cybersecurity:

  • Polarion's support for ISO 21434 and UN R155
  • Bridging the Gap: Integrating Cybersecurity with Polarion
  • SBO & Cybersecurity - Made easy with Sigrid
  • Cybersecurity with Polarion X


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Virtual webinar: Polarion Cybersecurity Day



February 29, 2024