24 August 2017

Streamline PCB Documentation

BluePrint-PCB live Webinar


Automate the creation of documentation while improving the transfer of instructions from design to assembly and manufacturing. High quality PCB documentation leads to fewer questions, fewer errors, and lower overall costs.


The Problem to Solve

Current tools and methodologies for creating PCB Documentation are outdated, and essentially workarounds, which are clunky, inaccurate, and error prone. The use of these rudimentary practices for PCB documentation is also highly time consuming, plus totally useless for ECOs.


The Solution is BluePrint-PCB

BluePrint-PCB was built specifically as a PCB documentation authoring tool. Use it to quickly create the documentation required to drive the PCB fabrication and assembly processes. BluePrint-PCB leverages the PCB CAD data to automatically create and intelligently link PCB Views, drill charts, parts lists, detail views, fabrication and assembly notes. Change made in the PCB design are instantly propagated to drawing elements across all drawings and all sheets dramatically reducing time spent maintaining PCB documentation. BluePrint-PCB enables you to create quality, accurate and highly detailed PCB documentation in less time.



BluePrint-Webinar: Streamline PCB Documentation

Wednesday the 20th of September 2017


2:00PM GMT / 3:00PM CEST