03 October 2013

Data Management for RoHS Recast and Conflict Minerals

RoHS, the RoHS Recast and the impending Conflict Minerals directives have greatly impacted manufacturers. As an organization required to meet these regulatory guidelines, do you have the proper data management tools and processes in place to comply? Could you use some tips on how to best manage this information and simplify the compliance process?


Join us for an educational webinar with guest speaker, Mike Shannon, the Director of Hardware Shared Services at Avid where Mike will discuss the value of creating a central data driven system to manage compliance information and address compliance early in the planning and design of new products.

Mike is a long time user of Omnify Software and has over twenty five years of experience in the high tech industry. He is a leader Avid’s initiatives for RoHS and Conflict Minerals compliance. Mike’s presentation will talk about creating a central data system with PLM in order to support controlled processes and procedures, help identify the elements in a product structure as being in or out of scope, automatically manage and trace all product/supplier changes, easily report compliance data, and more….


Topics Covered Include:

  • Brief overview of RoHS, the recast and Conflict Minerals
  • Being compliant and what it means to your product developers
  • How to manage data for RoHS, Conflict Minerals and CE Technical Files
  • Approaches for outsourced Contract Manufacturing partnerships
  • Best practices for meeting and maintaining compliant processes







6th of November 2013

19.00 hr
45 minutes
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