27 March 2015

Webinar: Simplify and Improve your PCB Documentation

Use Automation to your Advantage

"With Blueprint we have reduced the time it took to produce our PCB documentation package from hours to minutes! We are extremely pleased with rapid response and the level of support we have received." - read more


BluePrint-PCB has a unique sleek user interface that allows you to quickly and easily create, distribute, and use PCB Documentation. Once you see it and use it, you will be convinced of its power and versatility. Here is your opportunity to see our BluePrint-PCB solution live in action!



DownStream's PCB document authoring tool, BluePrint-PCB, easily creates electronic drawings to drive the PCB fabrication and assembly. BluePrint uses the PCB CAD data to automatically and intelligently represent every aspect of your PCB design. It even allows you to add specific comments and instructions, external files, URLs, and more. This electronic document clearly articulates all instructions, easily accommodates ECOs, and can be shared instantly with anyone.


BluePrint's “active” nature makes navigating through the documentation easy. It delivers information clearly and instantaneously to the document end user, avoiding any miscommunication and confusion.


Our standalone products work with your internal solutions to ease all your processes. DownStream specializes in tasks that cannot be addressed by your PCB Layout investment alone. We ease the burden of transitioning your designs into actual boards and ultimately successful products.



What Blueprint - PCB Webinar; Automate. Enhance. Ease PCB Creation
When Wednesday the 1st of April 2015
Where   Online
Time 03.00 PM (CEST)
Time 08.00 PM (CEST)


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