27 May 2021

What about Blind & Buried Vias





HDI (high-density-interconnect), the process that allows you to manufacture a Printed Circuit board with both through-hole and blind or buried vias less than 6 mil diameter without utilizing conventional mechanical drilling technology, is becoming more commonplace as designs require even more and smaller features than in days of old and is no longer as cost-prohibitive owing to advances in fabrication technologies.

The PADS Professional Layout application provides the tools necessary to incorporate this technology into your board designs.


What you will learn:

  • The steps and setups required to utilize Blind & Buried Vias in a design.
  • Options available to incorporate these vias in your design.
  • How utilizing Blind & Buried Vias can help to complete your design quickly while maximizing layout real-estate.



Customer Only Live webinar: What about Blind & Buried Vias


Thursday the 27th of May 2021




5:00 PM CEST