17 February 2022

Wire harness design: An underappreciated secret ingredient of your aerospace success

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Digitize your harness design tools for data reliability and success.


Electrification of aerospace and defense platforms has grown exponentially to meet the needs for more features and functionality required by demanding missions. Today there is a significant focus on logical design activities associated with the development of the platform electrical system, its functions and software and interconnections between components. Sometimes, the effort to accomplish the physical implementation, by way of wiring and component installation, and the challenges associated with developing and fabricating the wire harnesses that connect the system elements together are less appreciated.


This webinar will discuss how improving your harness design tools and processes will enable you to meet these challenges and bring success to your business. Complete the form now to register.


Modern aircraft electrical system challenges


The aerospace industry demands more than just increased electrification. In addition, aircraft versions, increased regulatory product and process requirements and global competition are forcing the use of holistic systems that provide data transparency and configurability assured by seamless data flow (digital continuity).


Solid and robust harness design form the foundation of reliable, cost-effective and successful product manufacturing. As the platform develops from the virtual to a physical product, the use of a digital twin brings many critical advantages to the design of wire harnesses that are essential in modern aerospace and defense (A&D) products.


The digital twin role in E/E aircraft systems development

In an industry where traceability and data reliability are critical, there is a growing move away from traditional disjointed systems that are unable to keep up with the increased complexity. There is movement toward digitalization and use of advanced tools and processes to utilize the digital twin in E/E systems development. This in turn can help realize:

  • Higher quality due to rejection of error-prone manual methods
  • Assurance of data correctness when not exposed to manual iterations
  • The accomplishment of urgent updates with faster connected processes
  • Increased management of growing complexity

Who will benefit from this aircraft wire harness design webinar?


This webinar will expand your understanding of challenges and opportunities in wire harness design in A&D. The presentation will address digitalization and advancements in E/E systems development for:

  • Engineering managers
  • Design engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Quality engineers

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Live webinar: Wire harness design: An underappreciated secret ingredient of your aerospace success


Thursday the 17th of February 2022