19 October 2021

World-class PCB Webinars with Zachariah Peterson & Susy Webb


Azitech ApS together with InnoFour invite you to a unique combination of PCB Webinars focusing on high frequency PCB and fine pitch BGA design.


Your instructors will be Zachariah Peterson, CEO of a PCB design firm and sr. PCB designer. He has produced technical content for software and PCB manufacturers. Furthermore, he has a PhD in applied fysics. The day after, Susy Webb will take over. She is a well-known face in the PCB industry with over 40 years of experience as a sr. PCB designer and 16 years as a speaker. She has been honored with several awards and is an active board member of multiple companies.


Sign up for these two exciting topics from different perspectives both empirically and scientifically.


High frequency PCB design - 19 October

There are many aspects of high speed PCB design that should be distinguished from high frequency PCB design, particulary when we look at SI/PI and interconnects.


In this webinar, we will compare some of the important characteristics of high speed and high frequency designs as they relate to signal integrity, power integrity and understanding signal propagation. Transmission line design, layout and routing for high frequency signals, as well as material selection and stackup options, will be covered with a focus on signal integrity and power integrity.


Fine Pitch BGA design - 20 October

The signal integrity and EMI issues become more profount, the fanout of the signals is much more challenging and the power connections and thermal issues are more difficult. Add to that the manufacturing concerns that have surfaced from small pad sizes and tiny capacitors, and the designer has to face some real complex issues. 


In this presentation we will discuss all of those things and more, including choosing effective BGAs, placement for components and caps, grid systems for parts and routout, some fanout possibilites and some manufacturing issues unique to thes kinds of designs. 



Webinar dates
19 & 20 October 2021 

€ 150 per webinar

€ 250 for both