22 October 2019

Xpedition Dialog and Schemes

With the VX Release series, we have delivered a redesigned Display Control, as well as updates to the existing Editor Control dialog. In this webinar, we shall explore some of the current capabilities of Display Control and Editor Control in particular; we shall also discuss how to manage and reuse settings as Schemes in these and other dialogs, as well as how to organize and find items in the new Display Control more easily.


This webinar includes a Q&A session with Xpedition experts who will be able to answer your questions live.


What You Will Learn
An overview of the functionality of some commonly used dialogs, as well as handy ways to organize and find settings.


Who Should Attend

  • Engineering managers
  • Design engineers
  • Layout designers
  • System integrators




Customer only webinar: Xpedition Dialog and Schemes



Wednesday the 13th of November 2019






6:00 PM CEST