30 November 2010

2010 European Solutions Expo Presentations


The 2010 Solutions Expos delivered new strategies, expert advice, and practical know-how, all with one goal: making sure you gain more value from your Mentor Graphics tools.


If you have attended the European Solutions Expo, take the opportunity to download presentations presented in your location and other locations across Europe to review the content again. If you haven't been able to attend, Solutions Expo will now be delivered directly to your doorstep!


The presentations placed on this site contain proprietary, trade secret and confidential information of Mentor Graphics and are made available to invited guests only. Only individuals who receive an invitation to view these presentations from Mentor Graphics, and colleagues of the invitee within the same company, may view these presentations. If you, or a colleague employed within the same company, did not receive a personal invitation from Mentor Graphics to view these presentations then we demand that you cease viewing this site immediately. (read more...)