BluePrint 2.2.1 build 506 available

14 April 2010

BluePrint v2.2.1 build 506 available






As a BluePrint maintenance customer, we are contacting you today to inform you of the latest BluePrint release. BluePrint 2.2.1 has been optimized to better handle large designs and complex drawings. We have also made significant quality improvements throughout the application. If you are using PADS Layout you will be pleased to hear we now import PADS Layout 9.0 ASCII.


BluePrint Release 2.2.1


BluePrint's performance has been optimized in several areas. Among these improvements you will find:

  • New Backdrill Layer Stack-up
  • Board in Side View can now be displayed as unfilled or filled with a color independent of components
  • Reference Designators can now be displayed as grouped ranges in the Process Step Chart
  • New Dimensioning snap points to the center of lines and the center of closed polygon shapes
  • Automation API enhancements
  • Other defect fixes (see release highlights for details)

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