10 November 2017

BOM Connector 7.8 Nominated for Productronica Innovation Award

Version 7.8 of BOM Connector, which will be released concurrently with the start of Productronica 2017 has been nominated for the prestigious Innovation Award 2017.


"We are proud that the jury has taken it to acknowledge our popular tool for the way it has revolutionized the previously time-consuming, error-prone tasks of processing BOM data, gathering component price data, sourcing availability and providing quick and accurate cost calculations and quotations for EMS and OEM manufacturers", says Kevin Decker-Weis, Managing Director of Router Solutions. "With timesaving innovations such as “Smart Search”, “Best Price”, and “DistiDirect”, an intuitive GUI that’s enjoyable to use and a customer list that reads as a “who’s who” of the electronics business, BOM Connector is getting some much due notice."


About the Innovation Award:

The premiere of the Productronica Innovation Award in 2015 demonstrated the great innovative strength of the electronics-manufacturing industry.

Now productronica is partnering with "Productronic" magazine to present the productronica innovation award for a second time at the 2017 fair. The award will honor the most innovative product developments and manufacturing techniques.


This is an award given out each year by the Productronica Committee to reward products that have shown a unique level of innovation.


About Router Solutions

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