08 September 2015

Constraint Management: it's easy with PADS!

Manage hierarchical rules that drive correct-by-construction design

If you work with boards that have a high percentage of high-speed signals, you know the importance of constraint-driven design. PADS® has a powerful and easy-to-use constraint management system that provides a common, integrated constraint definition environment for the creation, review, and verification of PCB design constraints.


Easy Definition of Layout Constraints

Easily capture multi-level design rules, ensuring that your PCB meets critical design rules for electrical and manufacturing requirements. Bi-directional cross-probing, highlighting and selection between the constraint environment, design capture, and layout ensure design intent is accurately, efficiently captured and adhered.


The constraint manager supports definition and verification of electrical and physical constraints within one environment, eliminating the need for separate databases, and simplifying a complex constraint entry process while improving design accuracy.


  • Enter constraints once, propagate throughout the design flow
  • Precisely control classes, nets, groups, pin pairs, and more using hierarchical rules
  • Ensure routes meet performance requirements with high-speed rules
  • Nest constraints for more efficient route control in the design flow
  • Define high-speed rules for matched lengths, differential pairs, max/min length and more