14 November 2012

Did you Forget to Renew Your BluePrint and CAM350 Maintenance? Reinstate it Today... Penalty Free!

"NO PENALTY" Maintenance Renewal - NOW through December 31, 2012


If you currently have BluePrint and CAM350 9.0 or above, and your maintenance has lapsed, now is the time to reinstate it. We are allowing you to purchase maintenance with no penalty, no additional fees! Simply pay for one year forward.

What to Expect with your New Maintenance Contract:

BluePrint customers who renew will receive the latest release immediately, and BluePrint 3.5 in December, plus one full year of software maintenance releases and technical support.
If you are not using BluePrint 3.x, you are missing out on a lot of new technology, features, and performance improvements.
Here are some highlights:

  • BluePrint 3.0 included significant Panel Drawing enhancements and new intuitive Search Window additions.
  • BluePrint 3.2 was packed with usability enhancements: Data Retention with Adaptive Templates, Dynamic Highlighting of Floating Dimensions, Improved Access to Dimension Formatting, Coordinate Origin Limit, Mouse Zooming Option, Disable the Display of Text Box, Pan Command, Default Panel Chamfers, Pinning Hole and Fiducial Drill Symbol Display, Measure between Objects with Snapping, Add Balloons for Text Based Note References
  • BluePrint 3.5 contained a number of improvements including a new Document wizard to automate document creation, new release update functionality for large installations, UNICODE export support for PDF Export, new system variables, significant modifications to partlist tables for variants, GD&T sizing for callout shapes, case detection for spell checking, and improvements to noteblocks and drill charts.

What else do you have to look forward to?
Coming in early December, IPC-2581 Import and Export functions will be included in all of DownStream’s products to provide an intelligent alternative to traditional Gerber and NC drill exchange. In addition, the IPC-2581 file format can be used to exchange data with other CAD/CAM/and MES systems in the design chain in an open and neutral environment.


Latest Features in CAM350 Include:

  • The sophisticated Design Analyzer facilitates matching features within a PCB design, such as min trace width/spacing, number of layers, board size, and drill/via technologies, to a specific PCB vendor. This assists with fabrication quoting to avoid hidden costs and unexpected delays.
  • Streams Rule Checking is designed to streamline the setup, execution, and verification of Design Analysis. Run Design Rule Checking (DRC), Design for Manufacturing (DFF, DFM) and Netlist Comparison together in one checklist.
  • Additional analysis checks have been added to CAM350/DFMStream
  • A larger memory access allows twice as much memory to be used for large Gerber file processing
  • And, of course, many new features and performance improvements have been added to CAM350 since release 9.0


What else do you have to look forward to?

Usability improvements for DFM, Support for IPC-2581, and new RSS Feeds area all coming in release 10.8.


"No Penalty Promo" Details

  • CAM350 version 9.0 and up are eligible
  • Last opportunity forCAM350  Version 9 customers to upgrade
  • Promotion expires 12/31/12 and will not be extended.
  • No other discounts apply.
  • Eligibility to receive all new features found in the current version of BluePrint depends on your configuration. To determine your exact upgrade, please contact sales.

Contact us to Take Advantage of this Limited Time Offer.