06 October 2021

Eningeer Innovation Issue 8


Engineer Innovation Issue 8 is available here.


Science-fiction becomes science-fact

Not everyone is a science-fiction fan, but I would guess quite a lot of engineers are.  Not just the science-fiction of early 20th century literature but also late 20th century film culture.  Space travel, flying cars, a voice-controlled world…  many of the innovations proposed by this genre has become not merely fiction but fact, and in this issue of Engineer Innovation our customers are delivering the dream of yesterday for tomorrow’s reality.

We have been sending satellites into space for decades, but now we can fly them using more sustainable methods with reduced environmental and economic impact, Reaction Dynamics (RDX) showcase their new technology here. Sticking with aerospace, ‘Why wheels are important on planes’ seems obvious, but the landing gear of the Wright Brothers Flyer is fundamentally different to that developed by Safran Landing Systems used on today’s planes. Hint: The Wright Brothers didn’t use wheels. 

Even the ultimate symbol of summer holidays, the ice-cream, has been improved with the aid of engineers’ innovation although I don’t recall ever reading or watching ice-cream transformation in any science-fiction.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Simcenter ethos, efficient fuel production and optimized consumption are the cornerstone of a more sustainable future.  In this issue we also examine the many colors of hydrogen production and what impact this can have on fuelling the future.  And to deliver the future, we need engineers of the future.  We spoke to Remi Duquette, Vice President of Innovation and Industrial AI at Maya HTT to hear how they are nurturing the future generations.  Because it wouldn’t be science-fiction without a touch of Artificial Intelligence. 


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