05 February 2013

HyperLynx: Celebrating 25 Years of High Speed Design

Dave Kohlmeier


HyperLynx Turns 25, Leads the way in High-Speed PCB Design by Dave Kohlmeier, Senior Product Line Director, Mentor Graphics.

In this video, Dave shares how our high-speed technology journey began 25 years ago with a vision for an easy-to-use signal integrity tool for project engineers. Out of that vision, HyperLynx was born.
Since its inception, HyperLynx has grown to become the best solution for SI, PI, thermal, and 3D EM simulation and analysis, and is now widely used by electrical engineers and PCB layout designers around the world.

Whether it's automated checking of electrical design rules or full-wave 3D simulation of vias, HyperLynx will help you improve product quality and performance. And the first 25 years are just the beginning of our commitment to mission-critical, high-speed PCB design.

Visit Mentor.com/HyperLynx and our HyperLynx blog for more information.


HyperLynx 9.0 Announced! 

Mentor Graphics has announced the newest release of HyperLynx for superior high-speed design and analysis. Key features in this release include advanced 3D channel and trace modeling, improved DDR sign off verification, and accelerated simulation performance—up to 5X faster.


Verify Complex Design Rules Easily with HyperLynx DRC  

Mentor Graphics’ HyperLynx Design Rule Checks (DRC) is a fast, powerful, and fully customizable design rule checking tool. With 19 standard DRCs, you can quickly and easily pinpoint trouble potential issues with EMI/EMC, signal integrity (SI), and power integrity (PI).