23 March 2015

I/O Optimizer - Optimize yourself

During the FPGA Forum 2015 in Trondheim we presented Mentor Graphics’ new xDX IOPT (I/O Optimizer) solution. This solution provides an extensive set of functionalities created to fully support Schematic and PCB engineers with their FPGA-on-Board integration and I/O planning.

We also introduced a new cloud based virtual lab enabling you to try xDX IOPT yourself.


Several engineers came to visit the InnoFour booth at FPGA Forum to find out more about this new I/O Optimizer solution.

For those who want to establish some hands-on experience with the tool, a special virtual lab was created containing the entire environment needed to get a quickstart into the complex world of I/O planning and optimization.

Using a virtual lab will save you having to install the entire Xpedition PCB (including xDX IOPT) flow, FPGA flow, and necessary design files in order to experience the strength of I/O Optimizer


Click here to read more about xDX IOPT.