19 May 2015

InnoFour continues to help new generation of young electronic engineers

While the number of Electronic Engineers (EE) succesfully graduating is decreasing, the employment market for good EE

’s is actually increasing causing already a shortage in good technicians in certain industry areas. If we don't act, this will become a serious problem for the entire electronic industry tomorrow. At the time where young teenagers have to select their next step in education it is still difficult for them to understand what professions are available due to the rapidly increasing number of professions that exist. The key to success is someone who is introduced to a profession (e.g. electronics) at a young age, and becomes highly motivated by this interest to select the appropriate study and profession.


InnoFour is therefore working in a program introducing kids at the elementary school "De Meander" to the world of electronics and electronic engineering. Kids are introduced to the basics of electronics via a technique lesson organized by InnoFour. 


During the introduction presentation we already see some kids becoming interested through the variety of questions they ask.


After the presentation they will establish some hands-on experience. transistors. In teams of 2 they create a small touch-switch circuit on a breadboard using a few , resistors and a LED.



When they successfully completed the assignment, and they can touch the two wires to turn the light on, you can see some kids really starting to become interested in the world of electronics.



Via this program InnoFour is hoping to contribute to a new generation of electronic engineers for tomorrow's technical industry.