20 January 2015

Omnify Empower PLM 6.0

Expect MORE

Empower PLM version 6.0 is our next generation Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that delivers more tools, more control and more options. 


Version 6.0 offers users all of the functionality of the existing Empower PLM system, plus new customer-driven modules and enhancements to help you better manage parts, Bill of Materials (BOMs), engineering changes, product documentation, quality/CAPA processes, training requirements and compliance data across your entire organization. In addition, a web-based platform gives you the option to select an on-premises, hosted or cloud deployment. 


Read about some of the new features and enhancements below or Register for Demo to see Omnify Empower PLM 6.0 in action! 

Empower 6.0 Delivers: 

MORE Tools:

  • A next-generation UI using the latest browser technologies maintains Omnify's focus on ease of use by providing an overall improved experience with enhanced navigation, simplified field editing, and a streamlined look and feel across all product modules.
  • A new cloud-based Communication Portal offers direct, in-application product updates and posting of pertinent product information such as reports, Themes and documents to easily share information with the entire user community, drive knowledge sharing and simplify the deployment process.
  • A new Product Configurator module allows manufacturers to establish their Bill of Material (BOM) configurations early on during the prototype phase. Customers will be able to manage different BOM views for different departments and improve vendor selection with the ability to determine the best supplier for specific configurations/locations.
  • A new workflow engine delivers a more intelligent workflow process with dynamic stages and conditional branching. 

MORE Control: 

  • Empower 6.0 introduces a new concept of customizable Option Files and Themes giving users more control. Users have the ability to customize the UI, menus, and form options for specific job roles, departments, and business processes and improve user adoption across the organization. 
  • The new Training Management UX provides training managers with easier setup and administration of training, including automatic grading for user comprehension tests to notify trainers of student pass/fail upon completion of training. 
  • Empower 6.0 addresses customer's growing complexity with managing their suppliers by offering the ability to assign workflows/approval processes for new vendors, vendor items, and service objects. Additional custom fields and contacts can be assigned to further define properties for each vendor and vendor parts. 


MORE Options:

  • Empower 6.0 offers on-premises, hosted or cloud deployment options to allow customers to choose the best platform for their business. 


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