25 June 2014

Omnify Empower PLM 6.0 now available!

Omnify is pleased to announce the availability of Omnify Empower 6.0!


Empower 6.0 represents the latest software release and offers many new enhancements and fixes. Below are some highlights of Empower 6.0, many other enhancements and fixes have been added in this release. Contact us for more information specific features/fixes.


What's New in Empower 6.0?


New and Improved User Experience

  • Next-generation User Interface (UI) using the latest browser technologies
  • Even easier to use, enhanced navigation, and simplified field editing
  • Streamlined look and feel across all product modules


New Customizable Option Files/Themes

  • Customize the GUI, menus, and list/form options
  • Streamlines navigation
  • Improves multi-language support
  • Select or create a Theme that best suits your usage and preferences


New Cloud-based Communication Portal

  • Direct, in-application updates on items such as licenses, reports, 3rd party interfaces, and news
  • Access publically available reports, themes, and documents to download
  • Post and share your ideas for other users


New Product Configurator Module

  • Manage separate BOM variants/product configurations for each BOM revision
  • Add/remove/change items from the standard BOM for each configuration
  • Select the approved vendors/suppliers for each build and setup default views for each configuration


New Signoff/Workflow Engine

  • Dynamic stages and conditional branching
  • Improved Object Release/Custom Integration processing and messaging
  • New signoff capability for Vendors, Vendor Items, and Service Objects


Training Management Module Enhancements

  • Easier setup and administration of training
  • Improved ability to view and assign trainees
  • Automatic grading for user comprehension tests


Change/ECO and Quality/CAPA Management Module Updates

  • Enhanced release processing
  • Easier affected item assignment
  • Improved/additional reports (pie charts, bar graphs, dashboards, etc.)


Other Key Features/Improvements

  • Multi-Page viewing (e.g. view attributes, documents, BOM, etc. from a single page)
  • New AutoNumber Engine - improved performance, "global" schemes
  • Search Widget - provides object searching capabilities on all forms
  • Customizable Search Results - users can define return records and row count for all searching forms
  • Customizable Search Pagers - users can page through search results, minimizes scrolling
  • New Object Wizard - define more information before creating objects
  • Many new Importing/Exporting features


Upgrading to 6.0

Upgrades are performed with the help of a qualified Omnify Application Engineer. To begin the upgrade process, place your name in our Upgrade Queue below.


Most customers choose to install a test instance of the new version with a snapshot of their current database. This instance will be used for test and validation purposes. Once testing/validation is complete, the upgrades will be performed on your live Omnify environment.


Typical Upgrade Process

  • We will work with you and your IT staff to setup a separate, test environment based on your current Omnify system
  • The 6.0 test environment will have no impact on your current system and database
  • An Omnify/InnoFour Application Engineer will review new features
  • An Omnify/InnoFour Application Engineer will prepare and test your existing customizations and 3rd party interfaces for the new environment (where necessary)
  • An Omnify/InnoFour Application Engineer will provide our standard upgrade training documentation and work with you to prepare training material and logistics for all users



Get Started

Upgrades are performed with the help of a qualified Omnify/InnoFour Application Engineer. To get started, contact support @innofour.com