13 April 2012

Omnify Software Service Pack 4 is now available!


Service Pack 4 of Omnify Empower 5.0 is now available. It is strongly recommended that existing Empower 5.0 customers install this Service Pack as it contains new features and enhancements.


Existing 5.0 customers should contact their qualified Omnify Application Engineer before installing this Service Pack to ensure any customizations and changes are applied after installation.

Customers will need to uninstall their existing 5.0 installation prior to installing this Service Pack.


Download Service Pack 4


Service Pack 4 Features and Updates:

  • Improved AutoNumber Generation and "New Like" Creation: Service Pack 4 includes new algorithms for improved accuracy and consistency when generating AutoNumber and "New Like" Item/Part/BOM creation.
  • BOM Improvements: BOM Import now includes additional checks and improved reference designator handling. BOM comparison results can now be filtered to easily view all differences.
  • Document Permissions: Service Pack 4 allows you to apply document access permissions to Change/ECO redlines.
  • Quality/CAPA Owner Assignment: You can now select from all available users when assigning an Owner to a new Quality/CAPA form.
  • Various Additional Updates, Fixes, and Enhancements: Service Pack 4 provides various fixes and enhancements from SP3 (5.0 Release). Many support cases were closed with this release.

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