19 October 2012

PADS 9.5 Now Available!


PADS 9.5 includes the following new features:

  • Virtual pin support
  • Bottom View (Mentor Idea D254)
  • Automation interface enhancements (Mentor Ideas D2749, D3246, D3247, D3248)
  • Placement Keepouts in Decals (Mentor Ideas D258, D383)
  • Plane Connect in PADS Viewer (Mentor Idea D8539)
  • Chinese translation of DxDesigner and PADS


PADS 9.5 includes the latest release of DxDesigner (EE 7.9.4) which includes:

  • New Start-up Screen
  • Graphics Improvements
  • New Grid
  • Navigation View Window
  • Layered Graphics
  • In-line and multi-line editing
  • Dynamic Graphic Violation Highlight
  • Consistent Windows-like Layout Across Platforms
  • Tool Tip Hierarchical Preview and Navigation
  • Connectivity Advisor
  • DxPDF™  Now Included in the PADS ES Suite

PADS 9.5 is now available for download on SupportNet.


Virtual Pins now in PADS

DDR routing with virtual pins are now supported.


PADS 9.5 now allows creation of virtual pins or star points. This is a great new feature which makes DDR routing much easier. It allows you to define a star point which branches out to multiple receivers. High-speed rules such as length matching can be defined to tune the different branches to the correct length.

Virtual Pin


Associated nets support was added in PADS 9.4 and allows design rules to be assigned to several nets that are connected by components such as a series resistor or a resistor pack. Design rules that can be set include length and differential pair rules. Associated Nets may be defined automatically through a number of different methods, or manually. The length of the discrete component that associates or “combines” the nets can be included in the associated net length calculation.
The Associated Net and Virtual Pin features are tied to the Advanced Rule Set option.

Associated nets with a combined length of A+B