18 January 2010

PADS 9.1 available

Mentor Graphics released PADS 9.1 on January 15, 2010.

Availability for on support customers:
CD: http://supportnet.mentor.com/downloads/cd_request.cfm?sku=200912017

Download Page: supportnet.mentor.com/downloads
PADS 9.1 Release Notes: PADS_rn.pdf
PADS 9.1 Release Highlights: PADS_rh.pdf

PADS 9.1 is a completely separate installation from previous PADS releases. It uses the same libraries and binary formats as PADS 9.0 for PADS Layout, Logic and Router.

DxDesigner’s binary format has changed for PADS 9.1 and it is not compatible with previous versions of DxDesigner.

The Installation path for PADS 9.0.2 is still C:\MentorGraphics, but installs using a new folder to prevent overwriting an existing software installation. While PADS 9.1 installs the unique C:\MentorGraphics\9.1PADS folder and does not overwrite previous PADS installations, you should back up your existing PADS installation, designs and libraries prior to installing PADS 9.1.See the CD insert (also available as instalcd.pdf in the \release_documents folder of the download image) and the PADS Installation and Licensing Guide (\release_documents\ manage_sw_pcb.pdf in the download image) for detailed installation instructions and a list of compatible programs.