22 April 2014

PADS VX Release

Available for Early Adopters

The PADS VX release is now available for early adopters!  This release is a major milestone for PADS which now supports the Mentor PCB VX platform, enabling us to deliver exciting new technology today and to add new features faster and more efficiently in the future.

PADS 9.5 supports the traditional netlist flow, a flow that tens of thousands of PADS customers have known and used throughout the years. The VX release continues to support the netlist flow but it also gives you the option to use a more productive, tightly integrated flow.

The PADS VX release adds the following productivity enhancements to the PADS flow.


New in the PADS VX release:

  • New libraries with 11,000 latest IPC-compliant, all component information, Valor NPI verified
  • New Central Library for accurate, complete, well-structured library
  • Land Pattern Creation utility included in PADS suites to assure IPC compliance and significantly reduce your time in creating library parts
  • New spreadsheet-based constraint management to overcome challenges of your increasing constrained designs
  • Tighter integration, communication and synchronization of library, constraint, schematic and PCB design data with integrated central database
  • Revolutionary schematic design features that will noticeably increase your productivity
  • New Design Archiveand review capability to view, compare, annotate, review progress of your PCB design project; archive, find and retrieve for fast start of next project (ES Suite)
  • Mentor PCB VX platform to accelerate development and delivery of future technology, and streamline migration to other Mentor PCB products


NOTE:  Because of the large number of new capabilities, Mentor is releasing this product a little differently than in the past.  To insure the success of early adopters of PADS VX, this will be a “managed”release.  Please read Release Highlights and Release Notes for more information about features and limitations of the PADS VX release and request the software download and license at PADS VX Install Request.


The general product release (posted on SupportNet for all) is scheduled for PADS VX.1 later this year.


Go to the Siemens website, or contact us for more information on the PADS VX release.