26 October 2023



We’re happy to announce the release of Polarion ALM 2310.


Welcome to the unveiling of our latest release, Polarion 2310, where innovation and user feedback merge to bring you a set of fresh features and improved functionalities. Our commitment to continuous enhancement is evident in the following significant updates:

  • Hierarchical Space Permissions: Elevate your control over Space access and handpick teams that can view and edit their content.
  • Bulk Branching: Branch multiple documents in one swift action, streamlining your reuse workflow with precision and convenience.
  • Collaboration on Pages: Engage in dynamic feedback on Pages through comments and stay in the loop as a Watcher when Pages evolve.
  • Interactive Diagrams: Seamlessly link diagram elements to Polarion objects and navigate to them from diagrams.

Polarion 2310 is more than just an update; it’s an opportunity for our valued customers to tap into the latest features, reinforce security with the latest fixes, and relish the evolving usability and performance. In this blog, we’ll take you through these pivotal additions, fresh features, enhancements, and spotlight security, performance, and quality enhancements.


Read this blog by Radek Krotil to explore what Polarion 2310 has to offer!


Update Information 

Polarion 2310 is an update of Polarion ALM, available to all customers with a current maintenance subscription. This update is your gateway to the latest enhancements and security fixes. Staying up to date with our latest release ensures you benefit from new features, enhanced security, improved usability, and better performance.


You can download the update distribution at Support Center: Polarion 2310 Downloads. For details, see the bundled HOW_TO_INSTALL_THIS_UPDATE.txt in the update distribution package.


Release Notes
The release notes can be found here.



Call or email us if you want to know more about this release.