13 December 2023

Release Simcenter FLOEFD Version 2312


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Simcenter FLOEFD version 2312 are available to download from Support Center.


Discover new features in CAD-embedded CFD with multi-physics capabilities that help accelerate your design process.


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This December release enhances capabilities for faster electronics cooling simulation, PCB manufacturing thermal process modeling, handing more structural analysis applications and geometry complexity through to easier simulation automation.


Model the complexity

  • PCB Reflow oven thermal process simulation
  • Structural: Mesh Boolean Operation (MBO) faster meshing for extremely complex geometry
  • Structural: Large strain modeling, non-linear materials, general contacts

Go faster

  • Faster CFD meshing for convergent/ faceted/ STL geometries (e.g 10x faster!)
  • Smart PCB efficient network assembly thermal modeling - higher fidelity and speed increases from 1.5 to x 8x faster demonstrated 

Explore the possibilities

  • Automation: EFDAPI an expanded, improved API that is easier to use
  • Batch results post-processing without opening CAD

Stay integrated

  • SCD5 format export for Simcenter 3D for FEA analysis
  • Teamcenter viewer enhancement: Export scenes in JT format


The Simcenter FLOEFD Release Highlights can be found here


Call or email us if you want to know more about this release.