22 June 2022

See more with new PCBflow board viewer


PCBflow, the online tool and collaboration space, keeps getting better! The latest release includes several new features that make previewing PCB designs and performing design-for-manufacturing (DFM) checks easier and more interactive.


Launched last year, PCBflow accelerates the design-to-manufacturing handoff by providing a secure environment in which PCB design teams and manufacturers can connect to share and collaborate, and instantly deliver designs to production. It enables designers to rapidly perform a wide range of DFM analyses specific to the process capabilities of a selected manufacturing facility.


As PCBflow is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SasS) platform, Siemens is constantly developing it and adding new capabilities.


In the past couple of weeks these new capabilities were added:

  • PCBflow Board Viewer displays all the layers of the design including accurate part geometry provided by Valor Parts Library, and allows users to easily pan, zoom and navigate through their design online, at any time.
  • The Interactive DFM Result Viewer takes the PCBflow Board Viewer one step further, empowering users to fully investigate DFM analysis results online, always.
  • New, clearer analysis explanations and actionable mitigations accompany the user while reviewing DFM results, giving clarity and adding value to the DFM analysis results. 

Learn more about PCBflow and the new capabilities here


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