10 May 2022

Simcenter FLOEFD 2022.1 & 2021.3:

CAD embedded CFD enhancements


Before the next 2022 release, this blog reviews the recent Simcenter FLOEFD 2022.1 and 2021.3 releases.


Read this blog by Peter Doughty to find out how Simcenter FLOEFD, fully CAD-embedded CFD software that now also includes structural and electromagnetics modeling, continues to add enhancements that help design engineers to analysts to make simulation based design decisions earlier.


Discover topics in these 2 releases such as:

  • Electronics PCB thermal, electro-thermal and thermo-mechanical modeling speed and workflow
  • Continued structural simulation and incremental electromagnetics enhancements
  • How users can more easily explore + interpret transient simulation results or assess heat transfer
  • Modeling improvements: solar radiation in polluted air, to porous media for heat exchangers
  • and much more….


For a detailed list of new features, refer to Installation Instructions manual, available in the installed software tree or on Support Center


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