19 November 2009

Successful PLM Seminar - Best-in-Class Product Design and Manufacturing Practices


InnoFour recently hosted a very successful Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) seminar.


Managers and Designers participated in the discussion around PLM and saw how the Omnify Software solution could help them to overcome their PLM challenges.


As Luc Bossuyt, COB Application Project Manager at ST–ERICSSON said:


“ I came with a lot of expectations to Innofour’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) seminar, because I’m involved in the full flow of R&D and reference design electronic boards for ST-ERICSSONS’ connectivity solutions (Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, FM radio ICs) for the mobile phone world, from specification to the distribution of these boards to internal and external customers. Currently we are using standard tools to manage all this, mostly excel. But the number of projects (close to 100) and boards per project to be produced (from 10s to 100s) result in the fact that it is less and less manageable in our current way of working.


The solution from Omnify Software seems to provide a solution for every aspect of our day to day business. The flow management enables a better view for the project managers. The documentation management with links to were ever they should be linked to is avoiding the time loosed looking for this for different engineers. This facilitates also the multi-site design aspects of our business. The management of meta data outside the CAD tool gives a bigger flexibility in the design flow and efficiency towards production. Also the ability to track the final products in the field on serial number level in terms of build versions, upgrades, customer returns, … all in one packet able to link all relevant information is really bringing a lot of added value.


So I believe it is fair to say that my expectations for the seminar are met. Good job! "


For more information about the Omnify solution feel free to contact us.