28 April 2021

Supply Chain Application


The new Supply Chain application, powered by SupplyFrame, empowers engineers with real-time component sourcing data to make more informed part decisions when cost-of-change is lowest. Fully integrated with Xpedition® Designer and PADS® Professional Designer. Watch video.


What is the Supply Chain application?
A fully embedded app within Xpedition and PADS Professional that includes; sourcing intelligence from over 80 component suppliers, status indicators that alert users to risk & links to component supplier data sheets. It also includes component pricing, availability, compliance, and lifecycle data.


How does the Supply Chain application help engineers?
The Supply Chain application helps engineers meet design schedules. It brings to their fingertips all the component sourcing information you need to make more informed component decisions without ever leaving Xpedition or PADS Professional. More time available to innovate, less time spent searching for sourcing data.


How does the Supply Chain application help managers?
The Supply Chain application helps managers mitigate the risks associated with part decisions. It empowers their teams with real-time component sourcing intelligence at the point of design when the cost of change is lowest. Never again will an obsolete part accidentally be designed-in.


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