22 December 2023


The power of cloud-based collaboration and design management





Given the complexities inherent in both next-generation products and the underlying components used, effective collaboration is fundamental to successfully navigating the product creation journey. Teams that are better synchronized and aligned are far more likely to deliver a successful product to market on time and on budget.


This white paper demonstrates how Cloud Connected, one of the 4 pillars of the Siemens EDA cloud enabled solutions for electronic systems design, will transform the way teams collaborate.

Barriers to collaboration
In a recent Aberdeen study, 32% of companies agreed that their top engineering challenge was collaboration across disciplines. The biggest barrier preventing them from effective collaboration is the traditional way of sharing information which is scattered, incoherent, and multi-sourced which leads to persistent inefficiencies.


These inefficiencies result in many wasted hours in debugging, product re-spins and slower time to market which ultimately affect a company's bottom line.


Solutions for efficient and synchronized collaboration
To overcome the collaboration challenges, Siemens offers a cloud solution that provides a perfect hub for organizing, managing, accessing and storing design data which contains schematics, simulations, PCB layouts, BOMs, and more.


With a single and centralized source of design data, team members can be more effective and synchronized in collaborating and working regardless of where they are.

This white paper will provide more insights into how the Siemens cloud can support organizations in design collaboration, team collaboration and partner collaboration to overcome product, process, and organization complexity.


Together with our enterprise solution, the cloud offers a new transformative option for teams wanting a hub for collaboration that enhances the power of the on-premises desktop environment.


Explore how the Connect application extends the power of PADS Professional in the cloud with a collaboration hub including design management and more.

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