29 January 2024


The power of Polarion to orchestrate complex software development

blog by Jean-François Thibeault


In this blog post, Jean-François is diving into how our customers use Polarion and our cloud-based service, Polarion X, to streamline their software development process across all industries


Many of our customers use Polarion as a key tool to manage their software development processes. What we have seen is that they are aiming to achieve these key objectives:

  • Maximize Collaboration within their teams
  • Ensure complete traceability of all created assets
  • Define and enforce effective business workflows for maximizing productivity
  • Reuse more and often for developing software as quickly as possible

To meet these goals, they need a robust tool that serves both as a central hub for collaboration and a reliable source of truth for all software-related activities linking various information assets to make informed decisions:

  • User Needs, Product and System Requirements
  • Software Requirements Definition
  • Software Requirements Implementation with CI/CD and DevSecOps
  • Software Workflows
  • Software Requirements Verification and Simulation
  • Defect and Vulnerability Resolution
  • Dashboards and Visualization
  • Change and Reuse


Key Takeaway
The essence of this blog post is to highlight Polarion’s distinct role in harmonizing software development within the broader scope of system engineering. It’s not just about software; it’s about integrating it into the larger engineering picture allowing various teams to follow different methodologies and stay in sync. All these unique features enable Polarion to drive lifecycle of Software Defined Products (Software Defined Vehicles, Software Defined Planes, etc.) and App-based software architectures in context of the next-gen product designs.


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