25 October 2010

vSure 9.0: software focused on Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis .


InnoFour B.V. is proud to announce the Mentor/Valor vSure version 9.0 product, the successor of Valor Enterprise 3000 Design For Manufacturing (DFM) product. vSure will enable designers to easily perform extensive DFM analysis during the PCB design process, thus improving their productivity, avoiding costly redesigns and speeding the time to market without losing focus on quality.


vSure can verify more than 700 DFM manufacturing requirements on a PCB design during the development process, ensuring that the data transferred into manufacturing is ready for production engineers to perform bare board and assembly manufacturing without requiring any design changes.


vSure integrates with both Mentor and non-Mentor PCB design solutions by using the ODB++ data container generated from most EDA systems as the source for the DFM analysis.


The vSure version 9.0 release contains:

  • A Manufacturing Risk Assessment interface that enables designers to quickly review DFM analysis results focusing on the most critical problems. Potential design problems can be filtered and sorted by various categories including severity, board location, padstack types, package or part numbers and features. Each result can be quickly and easy reported back to the original EDA system by using the Graphic Sync function.
  • A Design Process Wizard to guide designers through the DFM process following a best practice sequence of steps from the import of design data to the viewing of analysis results. The wizard executes all actions in accordance with industry-tested practices to ensure a comprehensive analysis while reducing the need for a designer's detailed manufacturing expertise.
  • The DFM process is controlled by a set of analysis-rules ( the ERF files ) that are configurable based on the technology, the design center, the production processes or manufacturer's capabilities.
  • A significantly simplified user interface to improve the productivity of the designer while insuring a comprehensive DFM analysis process

InnoFour can support in the process of adopting and deploying the DFM functionality into the design process with our dedicated DFM specialist Gerard Elema. With a long history of DFM expertise Gerard Elema recently joined InnoFour and strengthened its manufacturing focus. For more information please contact g.elema@innofour.com