Agile software development requires different software and hardware components to integrate seamlessly including the teams, tools, and information. While this collaboration opens new opportunities, this integration also presents unprecedented challenges to development and operations teams. Previously siloed teams must closely coordinate their development efforts in a dynamic ecosystem spanning the globe.

Embedded Software Development Process

Use Best practices for adopting agile and hybrid methodologies in complex software engineering environments.

This paper reviews the benefits of collaborating in a unified, 100% browser-based online software product lifecycle management environment where a powerful rules engine can automate processes at the granular work item level and how multi-directional traceability automates the proof of regulatory compliance.

Benefits of using Agile Engineering Processes

  • Better business/IT alignment
  • Improved technical quality
  • More opportunities for midcourse corrections
  • More predictable releases

Download the white paper to learn all the benefits of Agile Methodologies.

Streamline Engineering Workflows

Siemens Digital Industries Software customers using the Polarion agile software development products confirm that the ease with which streamlined workflows can be established at the work item level makes task-oriented information exchange between development, operations, and quality assurance very easy. Templates for most common methodologies come with the tool that can be used out of the box to get teams started.

To learn more, download the white paper.

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