What kind of services offers InnoFour?

With our dedicated team of experts we are at our customer's service offering training, support, consultancy and jumpstart programs.

Jumpstart your business

Our Jumpstart program is intended for potential customer to align and make sure we have a proper installation and implantation of the requested software and/or solution.

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We offer first-class support

Looking for technical support? Get in touch with our experienced team.

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Consulting services

InnoFour can help you to face the challenges that are caused by the continuously changing electronic design and industrial automation industries. InnoFour is offering services to all engineers, group/project leaders, managers and executives who know or expect that the development of their electronic or industrial products can be improved

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Training services

We offer a wide range of training classes which are especially designed to accelerate productivity and to help you to apply the products and meet your specific needs. As technologies rapidly evolve, disparities emerge between the core knowledge provided by an academic education and the technical competencies required for today’s designs.

To remain successful, training is essential. This is why InnoFour offers a full range of learning solutions developed specifically for electronics designers and engineers.

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Student Software

Siemens provides a robust selection of software for students, completely free. Our software suite offers a complete set of tools designed to help you prepar for Industry 4.0. We are committed to empowering the next generation of digital talent. 

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