Capital Essentials Harness Design

This course is designed to equip you with the methods and skills used to create and maintain harness drawings and the associated component database.

Hands-on lab exercises will reinforce lecture and discussion topics under the guidance of our industry expert instructors.

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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Location: Almelo - the Netherlands
  • Price: € 1,300

You will learn how to

  • Create and maintain a component database
  • Create component symbols
  • Create 2D harness drawings
  • Understand and correct design errors
  • Produce manufacturing reports
  • Import and export data including importing Capital Essentials design data
  • Create scaled drawings of harnesses

Hands-on Labs

  • Creation of components
  • Creation of harness drawings
  • Creation of symbols
  • Importing of data
  • Correction of design errors

Key Topics

  • Component data input and maintenance
  • Harness creation
  • Harness processing/checking
  • Harness Reports
  • Synchronizing data
  • Design change management


  • A working knowledge of CAD would be helpful

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