CAM350 Training

This is a great opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your CAM350 and/or DFMStream software.



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  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: Almelo - the Netherlands
  • Price: EUR 650

Course overview

DownStream Technologies offers a CAM350/DFMStream Course focused on Design Verification and PCB Post Processing. This will be a great opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your CAM350 and/or DFMStream software.

This course is intended for beginner to intermediate level users. We planned the materials to be informative, beneficial and challenging for all levels of PCB Design professionals.

Topics include:

  • Getting familiar with the new Graphical User Interface (GUI) and other features
  • How to output data from various CAD systems
  • Gerber identification and import
  • Streams Rule Checking - how to set them up and why
  • Netlist Comparison and Design Compare
  • Design Rule Checking
  • Design for Fabrication (DFM)
  • Why and how to use the Design Analyzer
  • Putting together the completed design package for Fabrication
  • Utilizing the Universal Release Package


Data Preparation

  • Proper output of Gerber and NC files for fabrication
  • RS-274d vs. RS-274x
  • CAD system output hints

CAM350 CAM Editor

  • Input options
  • DXF to Gerber and Gerber to DXF
  • Comparing layers for differences
  • Adding Teardrops
  • Clearing Silkscreen from lands

Netlist Compare for the Designer

  • IPC-d-356 creation in the CAD system
  • Using Streams RC for Netlist analysis
  • Comparing an IPC-d-356 Netlist to a Gerber extracted Netlist in CAM350
  • Verification of results in CAM350


  • Using Streams RC for Design Analysis
  • Proper setup of DRC to find potential Fabrication problems
  • Setup and save a generic DRC to run against all jobs
  • Parameters for running a successful DFF Analysis

The complete data package for Fabrication

  • What is in the complete data package, what not to send
  • Format of Gerber files
  • What to include on the fabrication print
  • What to include in a “readme” file

Using the Universal Release Package Navigator

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