A quality assurance and testing solution

Polarion QA

Polarion QA is a complete solution for Quality Assurance and Testing. In the collaborative QA environment, you can design, coordinate, and track all your test management activities secure and at any time.

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  • Issue and Defect Management
  • Test & Quality Management
  • Change & Configuration Management

Benefits and Value of Polarion QA

  • Easily use your existing Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Runs
  • Jump start your projects with ready to use templates
  • Re-use Test cases with Parametric values
  • Manage defects, issues and improvements efficiently from one platform
  • Seamlessly unify with legacy test automation tools and processes
  • Ensure lower costs of ownership with flexible licenses and support

Collaboration Traceability Workflow Polarion QA

Unifie Test Management Solution

Polarion QA is a unified testing platform for any type of testing methodology, tool, and team. Thanks to the flexibility, small groups benefit from rapid team organization in one environment. And with the predefined customizable templates, you can quickly start new projects.

Enterprise QA departments can perform unlimited number of projects while keeping everything in sync and fully traceable. In doing so, they can maintain highly structured testing cycles, combined with a diverse ecosystem of both automated and manual testing activities.

With Polarion QA you quickly meet all test management needs, while centralizing every testing activity in one central repository with multi-directional traceability to assure quality.

Build a Competetive Advantage - Through Quality

Enhance your products quality with an improved QA process and be more predictable.

Complete traceability

Polarion QA enables you to establish comprehensive multi-directional traceability from requirements. Testing cases and ultimately the source code at the granular work item level, is an essential component of a great test management system.

Also, Polarion QA provides instant out of the box traceability of all your key testing related artefacts. And the software automatically generates a complete audit trail of linked work items within and across all the projects.


It's important to know what tests have been executed, what the results of those tests are and how it affects the overall plan. Polarion QA has 100+ QA centric integrations which you can use easily. You can also use the Polarion Extension Portal to further expand functionality with a growing list of integrations, add-ons and connectors. Choose your own specific extensions with Open Java and Polarion's Web Services API.


Compliance with the regulations for your products is very important. Polarion QA is the most comprehensive platform for supporting compliance requirements and policies. The compliance-based templates help you to jumpstart regulatory related projects. Meanwhile, process consistency, visibility and full traceability are maintained for all Polarion-based projects.

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