Application Lifecycle Management


Variants Add-on
Rapidly and effectively design, develop and manage complex families of product versions and variants with industry-leading technology and integrations.

Articulate software variation and customization in terms of feature, functionality, supported environments, market considerations, quality attributes, business constraints, etc.

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  • Workflow-Based Process Management
  • Open Architecture
  • Easy Access

Software Variants Management

Polarion® VARIANTS ™ Respond more effectively to pressures to deliver more frequently, to undertake more projects, to respond to market forces, and to ever increasing expectations of variety and customized alternatives.

Evolve capabilities in development lifecycles to effectively manage variation, mass customization, and 'configured-to-order' deliverables. Polarion is the only ALM solution with variant management capability.

Modern Realities - Options, Variations, and Choices

Application Lifecycle Management processes require supplementation in response to a growing proliferation of software variants. 

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Add Variants Management to Core Products

  • Augment values intrinsic to Polarion product's core functionality with powerful new capabilities.
  • Unleash new potential to articulate features which are then used to express variability and customization in feature-models, shaping requirements that drive development and testing workflows.
  • Leverage the unified repository inherent to Polarion as an asset base extending reusability to all development artifacts.
  • Use feature articulation throughout lifecycle management to optimize V&V (Verification and Validation) and Risk Management practices for variants.
  • Efficiently manage complexities associated with ongoing maintenance and evolution of software variant portfolios.
  • Reap laborsaving and cost-reduction benefits during difficult test management and compliance regimens brought about by product variations.

Manage Variants with Reliability and Compliance

Once thought of as purely conceptual, mass customization has become reality. Software is increasingly what makes product variety possible. With the VARIANTS add-on, application lifecycle processes are significantly bolstered to efficiently manage growing levels of software variation.

Functional Variability

By modeling and configuring features within a structured approach, functional variability becomes a characteristic that is empowered to differ, no matter if referring to variations in functionality, supported environments, appearance, quality attributes, language, business constraints, etc. --essentially any aspect of interest. Functional differentiation, precise coverage of customer specifications, individualized options, and enhanced marketing opportunities, all become possible with Variants Management.


Reusability, a common development practice, is moved beyond tactical utilization to more strategic reuse scenarios, involving all development assets. Higher levels of reusability are achieved using a balanced approach involving common elements, present in all variants, as well as overlapping elements, those shared by two or more variants.


Comprehensive bi-directional traceability, available at a granular work-item level, is expanded to include all elements pertaining to the introduction of substantial levels of variation, making it possible to assess the impact of change across the full spectrum of variants, including impacts to all development artifacts and workflows. Optimize complex quality assurance processes needed for testing widespread variation.

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