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Electronics cooling, LED, HVAC and Advanced CFD flow modules and bridges for popular FEA tools.

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Simcenter FLOEFD Advanced CFD Module

Some simulation tasks require special capabilities and physics in order to deliver accurate results. The Simcenter FLOEFD Advanced CFD Module provides capabilities to consider hypersonic flow for up to Mach 30 and combustion.

Simcenter FLOEFD HVAC Module

Comfort and safety is an important consideration when designing occupied spaces such as buildings and transportation vehicles such as cars and aircrafts. Special simulation capabilities such as comfort parameters and tracer studies for contaminant distribution simulations help to optimize environment systems. An extended database on building materials and a radiation model that allows improved solar radiation simulation is provided with the Simcenter FLOEFD HVAC Module.

Simcenter FLOEFD Electronics Module

The Simcenter FLOEFD Electronics Cooling Module contains several features that make thermal management simulations of electronic systems more accurate. Besides extended databases of fan curves and packaging material or 2-Resistor components, it also contains specialized features and physics such as a PCB model and joule heating due to current flow. The Simcenter FLOEFD Electronics Cooling Module is ideal for more detailed simulations of electronics systems.

Simcenter FLOEFD LED Module

In order to obtain accurate results in lighting applications, special physics need to be considered. The Simcenter FLOEFD LED Module is not only suitable for LED lighting applications but also for any other lighting applications. It contains the necessary radiation models such as Discrete Ordinate and Monte Carlo and provides capabilities to absorb radiation in transparent materials and considers refraction such as in lenses. The Simcenter FLOEFD LED Module is the ideal module for the lighting industry and especially for LEDs, it includes a new unique LED model that provides the junction temperature and hot lumen.

Simcenter FLOEFD EDA Bridge Module

Import data from EDA software such as Mentor Expedition, Cadence, Zuken and Altium, as well as import materials and power maps of these PCBs, definition of thermal territories, and network assemblies (Delphi model).

FLOEFD Extended Design Exploration Module

Extend the Simcenter FLOEFD parametric study and design comparison functions to drive innovation through design exploration, moving beyond troubleshooting and evaluating designs to discovering better designs faster. The efficient and robust optimization and search functionality of the HEEDS SHERPA algorithm embedded in Simcenter FLOEFD leverages multiple global and local search strategies and adapts the search as it learns more about the design space.

FLOEFD Automatic Calibration Module

Semiconductor package characteristics data used in simulation can differ from reality due to the lack of knowledge about the internal structure. Increase your data accuracy by using the Simcenter™ T3STER Automatic Calibration module. The market-leading thermal transient measurement system lets you obtain and use the true package internal structure and material properties to drive even more accurate simulations. The new calibration mode of the parametric study searches for package dimensions and material properties to fit the measured data to provide a calibrated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model for more accurate simulations.

Simcenter FLOEFD Power Electrification Module

The power electrification module provides more accurate battery cell modeling for Simcenter FLOEFD users.

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