FormalPro uses static formal verification techniques to prove that a design is functionally identical to its golden reference. This is orders of magnitude faster than traditional gate-level simulation—designs that take days or weeks can be verified in hours or even minutes using FormalPro.

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  • 100 percent equivalence verification coverage without testbenches
  • Full-chip verification of all designs from 1 to 100M instance SoCs and beyond with scalable parallel processing
  • Ultra-high capacity ensures verification of physical superchip flows without manual partitioning

Complete Equivalence Verification Coverage

Quickly prove that a design is functionally identical—compare RTL to gate netlist for synthesis and ECOs, gate-to-gate netlists for layout spins, and RTL-to-RTL for language conversion. Use one tool and flow for all your designs—either an ASIC or an FPGA.

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Fast Equivalence Checking

Rapid verification of multi-million gate designs and dramatic reduction in verification time using static formal verification techniques. Fastest route to correct design with a comprehensive debug tool that identifies the location/cause of errors and the unique “what-if” capability to investigate design modifications within the existing verification session.

Advanced FPGA Support

FormalPro and Precision Synthesis provide unique integration for equivalence checking of FPGAs. An FVI setup file, containing synthesis optimization information, is auto-generated by Precision, enabling a reliable push-button RTL to gate netlist equivalence checking. Xilinx and Microchip (Microsemi) FPGA devices are supported in this flow.

Incremental Verification

Incremental changes are common for today’s complex designs. The verification restart feature reduces verification time further by eliminating the need to recompile and rerun the entire verification with each incremental design and setup change—it recompiles only the design that has changed. Additionally, you may restart at any intermediate point.

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