Precision FPGA Synthesis

Precision Synthesis is the industry’s most comprehensive FPGA vendor-independent solution. It offers best-in-class results for performance and area. Precision has tight integration across the Siemens FPGA flow from C++/SystemC/RTL design through simulation and formal verification to board design.

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  • SEU and SET mitigation across a wide spectrum of FPGA resources
  • Intelligent synthesis enabling mitigation insertion with optimal QoR
  • Error detection and Error correction FSM inference for all encoding types

Advanced Synthesis for NanoXplore FPGAs

Many space and mil-aero applications require specialized FPGAs with built-in protection from SEEs. NanoXplore introduces new FPGAs targeting this market. Precision Synthesis, in close partnership with NanoXplore, is the first to offer full synthesis support for the NG-Ultra device. Precision has seamless integration with the NXmap P&R tool to complete the design flow from RTL to gates to bitstream generation.

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Precision Synthesis Solutions

Precision Synthesis solutions from Siemens provides high-quality Verilog/VHDL/SystemVerilog synthesis for the latest FPGAs, easy-to-use debug and validation environment, comprehensive & user-friendly high-reliability synthesis, and tight integration with Catapult HLS and FormalPro LEC tools.

Precision Hi-Rel

Precision Hi-Rel, Siemens' groundbreaking FPGA synthesis solution, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly environment for mitigation of SEUs/SETs in safety-critical and high-reliability applications.

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Precision RTL Plus

Precision RTL Plus, Siemens'flaghsip FPGA synthesis, and validation solution offer a best-in-class quality of results, breakthrough advantages for commercial and mil-aero applications.

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Precision RTL

Precision RTL, Siemens' entry-level FPGA synthesis solution, offers an excellent quality of results, industry-leading Verilog/VHDL/SystemVerilog language support, and is a FPGA vendor-independent solution.

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Precision Hi-Rel: Intelligent Selective TMR (iSTMR)

Industry’s only fully-automated synthesis-based solution in Precision Hi-Rel identifies and applies selective TMR intelligently on portions of the design that are more susceptible to SEEs and where FPGA resources are limited.


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