Solido Variation Designer

Offering a comprehensive suite of tools for variation-aware design and verification for memory, analog, RF, mixed-signal, and standard cell design. Providing designers with the flexibility to select the best tool based on the design type, design phase, targeted accuracy, and sigma requirement.

  • Comprehensive Variation-Aware Design
  • Fast, Accurate, & Thorough
  • Easy to Use & Deploy

Comprehensive Variation-Aware Design

  • Supports analog, RF, mixed-signal, memory, and standard cell design
  • Identifies design weaknesses undetectable by other methods
  • Improves design quality and time-to-market
  • Uses machine learning to accelerate simulation
  • Trusted by top semiconductor companies and foundries


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Fast, Accurate, & Thorough

  • 1000X+ faster than brute force simulation
  • Full coverage verification across PVT and Monte Carlo
  • Brute force Monte Carlo and SPICE accurate high-sigma verification
  • Variation-aware design sensitivity, debugging, and optimization

Easy to Use & Deploy

  • Intuitive GUI for interactive design and analysis
  • GUI or batch mode
  • Works with all process technologies
  • Integrated with leading design environments
  • Supports all commercial and in-house SPICE simulators

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