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The Capital portfolio enables the development of electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures, electrical systems, network communications and AUTOSAR embedded software.

It is an integral part of the Siemens Xcelerator platform.


The Capital electrical and electronics (E/E) systems development software portfolio encompasses E/E system and software architectures, network communications and embedded software development capabilities. Efficiently design, engineer and validate complex products in the context of a digital twin.

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Use a comprehensive E/E systems development solution

Today's E/E systems are characterized by increasing complexity. They are reliant on the robust integration of electrical, electronic and software systems. Use Capital, a comprehensive E/E systems development solution, to help you efficiently develop smart products.

Radically increase automation with a comprehensive model-based digital twin.

Seamlessly bridge the boundaries between engineering domains.

Connect solutions in an open ecosystem with flexible, easy-to-use tools.


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Capital E/E Publisher

A rule-driven diagram generation application.

This self-contained package is created by mining and cross-linking resources. The easy-to-use output is true to the engineering design data.

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Capital Formboard Designer

Improve your wiring harness assembly board designs with full-scale diagram capabilities linked to the upstream harness design data.

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Capital Harness Designer

An advanced harness design tool that makes it easy to add detailed embellishments and robust validation for each derivative harness design.

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Capital Harness Designer Modular

An advanced harness design tool using KSK assignation for module-specific harness design, detailed harness embellishment and validation.

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Capital Connectors

Electrical tools need to be able to share data seamlessly with adjacent domains such as mechanical, product lifecycle management (PLM) or simulation. Capital has connectors to the main related tools to ensure maximum productivity.

Capital Connectors enables seamless electrical data sharing with MCAD, PLM, and simulation tools.

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Capital Device Modeler

A web-based interface for capturing component usage information. This collaborative environment shares device information across electrical and electronics (E/E) domains.

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Capital Logic Designer

Design logical electrical systems with this comprehensive model-based schematic authoring tool. It supports multiple abstractions and correct-by-construction Design Rule Checking (DRC).

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