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PartQuest Portal Part Search & Creation

Search for electronic componnets from a catalog of 8M+ parts. Download pre-made ECAD library model content (symbols, footprints and 3D models). Create custom symbols and footprints using wizard-based part builder templates. If ECAD model can't be found, request it via PartQuest's free concierge service.

  • Web-based component research tool enhanced with PCB design data
  • Parametric / keyword search
  • Results augmented with EDA model content
  • Rich custom Part Builder capability
  • Footprint Builders per JEDEC and IPC Standards
  • Integration from PartQuestâ„¢ to PADS Professional

PartQuest Best Practice: Recommended Workflow

This video shows the recommended PartQuest workflow for PADS Professional when utilizing both the Project Library and the Central (shared) Library. A step by step process is provided.

Portal to Millions of Symbols, Footprints, & 3D Models

PartQuest Portal provides building blocks to design new products fast. With free access to millions of electronic components, you can search, select, and drag & drop symbols, footprints, & 3D models in seconds. Can’t find pre-made content? No problem, make a “part request” for 24-hour turnaround.

Search, Select, Drag & Drop Parts into Your PCB

Simply search, select, and drag & drop parts, including all the electrical properties, directly in to your Xpedition or PADS Professional Designer schematic in seconds.

Ready-to-Use Validated, High Quality ECAD Model Content

Access the new PartQuest Vault ECAD model content library containing millions of electronic parts. 100% created, validated, and maintained by Siemens. Highest quality symbols and footprints in the industry.

Symbol and Footprints Wizards

Easy-to-use enhanced symbol and footprint wizards accelerate customer component creation, even for the most complex parts.

Welcome to PartQuest to Find, Download & Create Parts

PartQuest Portal offers 100% free coverage for all Digi-Key® parts including symbols and footprints. 24-hour turnaround for any part CAD data not available for immediate download. Works with Xpedition and PADS-based tools.

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