Preparing/ Editing / Scrubbing BOMs

  • Clean up and enhance the information in the BOM
  • Quick match parts in BOM and ERP parts based on partnumber, MPN or content
  • “SmartSearch” intelligently compares description fields regardless of format or sequence
  • Create and maintain new parts
  • “ERP Viewer” feature allows easy exchange of component data between EMS supplier and customer
  • All entries stored for future use

INTEGRATION made simple

“I was amazed how quickly they had my ERP system connected. Within one day I was up and running.”

A+B Electronics

Standardized format

“Thanks to BOM Connector we can now get all our BOMs into one standardized format.”

Major EMS Company

Complex BOM

“It could easily take hours to get a complex BOM into our SAP system before BOM Connector.”



“A BOM can change at any stage – so its only a matter of time before there‘s a discrepancy between ERP and Production.”


PURCHASING made simple

“Properly matching customer part numbers to our internal partnumbers is without doubt the most time-consuming repetitive task for us as an EMS provider.”

TBP Electronics


“The ability to combine CAD information with BOM information is a great added feature.”

Major EMS Company

QUOTING made simple

“Since we send out over a dozen quotes for each order, any reduction in time here makes a huge impact on our bottom line.”

Major EMS Company

Optimize our system

"Using BOM Connector, the most complete BOM tool on the electronic fabrication market, we are able to load, prepare, clean, format, verify and compare BOM data between customer data and our ERP. to optimize the system. This software adds an essential missing piece to the MES system and provides accurate up-to-date component pricing and availability, which is a huge advantage in the quote and purchase processes."

JTC Micro Electronics