DFM Validation & NPI

Bring your new products to market faster, with the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost.

Maximize your design to manufacturing efficiencies by leveraging the integration with Valor DFM technology. Identify potential manufacturing issues while you are still in the design stage. And to further streamline the process, you can define various stages of the design process, each with their own list of DFM checks relevant to that stage.

Valor NPI

Using Valor NPI, concurrent DFM checks can be executed from the first day of parts placement and layout all the way to release-to-manufacturing. In addition, Xpedition DFM’s detailed reports can automate design reviews, saving additional time.

Analyze your design for DFM

Use Valor NPI to analyze your design for DFM issues related to:

  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Microvias
  • Flex/Rigid-flex
  • Panel
  • Packaging Substrate

Once your PCB is ready for manufacturing release, use Valor NPI to create quickly the assembly panel layout. By creating the assembly panel in Valor NPI you can be assured the panel configuration itself will not present any manufacturing issues. You can also use the panel optimization module to calculate the material utilization of your panels, which is a primary cost driver.

Instead of sending a massive set of drawings and documents to convey manufacturing instructions, let Valor NPI deliver everything needed in the form of a Manufacturing Product Model. It saves time on your side creating and validating the release package and it is more efficient and less error-prone for your supplier to handle as well.

DFM Analysis driven from Xpedition

Empowers PCB designers to identify opportunities to improve the yield and cost of their designs for manufacturing issues. Valor analysis is integrated within the Xpedition layout environment so designers never have to leave their native tools.

Manufacturing Risk Assessment

Systematically identifies issues that affect yield, cost and reliability of your product. Intuitive interface facilities quick understanding of issue flagged and allows the user to address the most critical issues first.

Full DFM analysis for flex and rigid-flex circuits

Flexible and rigid-flex circuits use unique materials and manufacturing processes. Check your flex and rigid-flex circuits against your suppliers’ capabilities to assure your design is optimized for manufacturing on the initial release.

Panel Design & Optimization

Quickly and easily create assembly arrays in virtually any configuration imaginable. The software also allows you to identify the most efficient fabrication panel size to minimize your material costs.

Preparation of the complete manufacturing product model

Creating your entire release package from one tool enables the most efficient, correct and comprehensive product model is sent to manufacturing.