13 July 2021

Accelerating product development for electronic devices

Learn how to accelerate your product development process for electronic devices


How can you accelerate product development for electronic devices, resulting in a faster time to market?


In this webinar, we will look at critical areas of product development, including:

  • How to implement integrated design processes for electronic devices
  • Secure packaging of increasing electronic capabilities in smaller physical spaces
  • Ability to review and approve proposed changes in PCB designs that impact electromechanical assemblies


As the demand for smart, connected products increases at an unrelenting pace, higher-than-ever consumer expectations of interoperability are driving electronic product design. New technological innovations are expanding opportunities to deliver higher value, differentiated and connected products. However, the increasing pace of change and the demand for the next big thing have significantly shortened windows of opportunity for market success.


Manufacturers of electronic devices are particularly affected by these challenges. See how you can benefit from comprehensive and powerful tools for electromechanical design that are also easy to use and accessible.




Live webinar: Accelerating product development for electronic devices


Tuesday the 13th of July 2021




5:00 PM CEST